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What We Stand For

With our expertise, professionalism, state-of-the-art and highly sterile laboratories for your test needs, highly skilled, trained and experienced staff, we aim to be the leading voice of transformation and improvement of
health care in Uganda.

We stand for excellence in delivering high quality, safe, effective and efficient medical laboratory diagnostic services. With a focus on excellence, we employ the latest technologies in offering top notch medical diagnostic services and medical laboratory services to the people of Uganda.

We perform advanced Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and PCR-SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic testing on travelers and the general public, and on behalf of government and private institutions.

Our Mission

We operate in both Kampala and Entebbe with the main motive to ensure safe diagnoses and high-quality delivery of fast and convenient medical testing services. We are focused on creating unprecedented quality, reliability and convenience in providing highly advanced and specialized medical laboratory diagnostic services for travelers and the general public at large.


Our Vision

With a core value hinged on the drive for continuous improvement and continuous innovation in technology, practices and services, we operate with a vision to create a safer environment for everyone, while helping to eradicate and/or stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and other viral infections and infectious diseases.

Covid-19 Tests

Our Services

Polymerase Chain Reaction Walk In Testing
Visit out facility for quick testing and certificates
Polymerase Chain Reaction Home Call Testing
We can visit your residence, test you and send the results for your convenience
Polymerase Chain Reaction Same Day Testing
You can get tested and receive the results on the same day


Covid-19 Testing on Uganda’s Front Line
On-site Covid-19 tests that are fast, safe and convenient

We are the premium and leading health care facility, providing highly specialized medical laboratory diagnostic services for travelers and the general public at large. We are a state-of-the-art laboratory specialized in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) diagnostic development for effective COVID-19 testing.

Whether you need to fly or just simply want to know your COVID-19 status, Same Day Laboratories is here to serve you. Since our launch, we have been committed to protecting Uganda’s airports and the health of everyone who passes through them – from the COVID-19 virus and other viral infections and infectious diseases.

With an operational model focused on making it easy and seamless for passengers to get tested before traveling, we continuously strive to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of service to you, that is both convenient and time-saving. With Same Day Laboratories, you can get tested at any one of our numerous testing facilities.


  • We Are Proud To Bring To You, Fast, Easy And Convenient Testing Right Next To The Airport: With one of our facilities Just 5 Minutes from Entebbe airport, we have ensured your convenience as you can easily get your sample taken at the airport, wait for your results, and proceed to board your flight – very easy and convenient.


  • High Quality And Safe Testing Services: With our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, we employ best practices to match international standards, and ensure the delivery of high quality, safe and effective medical testing services to you.


  • Very Fast: Most labs require 24hour to give you results. If you urgently need to travel or you require emergency testing for a critical patient, Same Day Laboratories is your go-to, as we have invested in specialized and high technology equipment with the highest possible output, enabling our laboratories to deliver results within a few hours.


  • Very Convenient: You can get your test results in person and digitally/electronically – directly to your email, WhatsApp, or via your user account directly on our website and app. Your results will include a barcode which will be scanned at the airport, indicating your test result directly to the attendant or check-in agent.


  • Walk-in Tests: You can visit any of our locations at your convenience as we’re open 24/7.


  • Drive-through Tests, Home/Office Visit: To further aid your convenience, you can drive-through any of our facilities for your nasal swab to be collected, or we can visit your home or office to obtain the sample for testing, and send your test results electronically to your email and WhatsApp, or via your user account directly on our website and app.


Why Choose Us

Our excellent team is ready to be part of your team to work into the different areas of diagnoses. Scientists helping scientists.

Not Far
From The Airport

Fast Working Process
Same Day Certificates

Very Convenient
Very Close To You

Taking A Stroll
Walk-In And Get Tested

Same Day Laboratories is your sure go-to!

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Our Working Priorities

How we work hard daily to help curb the COVID-19 virus .

Safe Travels
Safeguard the health of all passengers who pass through Uganda’s airport – from the COVID-19 virus and other infectious diseases
Offer fast, easy and convenient testing from multiple locations en route to the airport and by the airport
General Safety
Curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus by ensuring testing of any passenger who shows symptoms coming from the airlines
With our collaboration with airlines, we ensure your safety as a traveler by ensuring that no passenger boards without being COVID-19 tested and cleared by Same Day Laboratories