Drive Through

Close To The Airport

As the premium and leading health care facility providing expertise medical diagnostic services to you, we have positioned ourselves in a prime location in Entebbe, very close to the airport. Thus, we are able to fulfil our objective of offering safe, fast, easy and convenient medical testing services from a location en route to, and very close to the airport.


Because we are experienced in performing advanced diagnostic testing and highly specialized medical laboratory diagnoses on travelers and on the general public, you can simply drive-through our Entebbe testing facility, have your nasal swab quickly collected whilst ensuring the most sterile conditions upon sample collection, and you can proceed on your way to the airport in no time.


As we bring fast, easy, safe and convenient testing to you on your drive through to the airport, we remain committed to ensuring that we uphold all required standards, practices and confidentiality in handling your samples and in delivering your tests and your test results. Same Day Laboratories is here for your service, whether you need your certificate to enable you fly or you just want to know your status.


As a result of our premium and specialized high technology equipment and facilities offering the highest output of data, we accurately deliver your test results quickly. Your result will be sent to your email and to your phone via WhatsApp.


Arrive at the airport with your accurate test result already in hand and proceed to board your flight – very easy and convenient.