Home Testing Service

To further aid your convenience, Same Day Laboratories exclusively brings to you, premium medical testing services straight to you in the comfort of your own home. You can request a home call service and we will arrive promptly at your home to obtain your nasal swab for testing, and send your test results electronically to your email and WhatsApp.

Because your health and safety is of paramount importance to us, even in the comfort of your own home, we ensure the best sanitary conditions in the collection of your sample, and your safety and well-being is well assured. As requested upon appointment booking, our expertise and highly experienced staff and medical technicians will arrive promptly at your home, and you can place your highest level of trust and confidence in us, to be given the best possible services accompanied with great proficiency and professionalism.

Your sample will be taken to our highly sterile state-of-the-art and specialized laboratory for accurate testing, while absolutely ensuring no contamination of your collected sample. The sample will be accurately tested following best standards and top-notch international practices, and your test result will be delivered to you in a time-conscious manner.

This means that all from the comfort of your own home, you can get tested and securely access your accurate test result, whilst being at ease and rest assured of the latest technologies and best methods being employed in treating your medical diagnostic and testing needs.

Like our other services, our home call service is very affordable and at the same time, we ensure the highest standards in delivering the highest caliber of service to you.

A UGX100,000 transportation fee is required for at home testing and testing is conducted within 50km of Entebbe.