Pre-Flight Testing

Fast Service

Do you have an urgent flight you need to catch? Do you have an appointment you need to meet up with? For personal or business purposes, then Same Day Laboratories is here for you. With Same Day Laboratories, you can safely and securely get tested before your flight, and receive your accurate test result in a timely fashion. With our fast, safe, accurate, convenient and high grade testing services, we make no compromise on quality.

With our world-class high technology specialized equipment, you can get your test results in no time, absolutely hassle-free! You can get your test results in person while you wait. With a focus on professionalism and excellence, we continuously strive to deliver the most time-saving and convenient high-quality service to you. This is why we are hailed as the one-stop hub for infectious disease rapid testing for travelers.

To eliminate the hassle of forgotten or lost paper test results, your result will also be sent to you electronically via email and also to your WhatsApp. You will also get a certificate which includes a barcode that is scanned at the airport, indicating your test result directly to the attendant or check-in agent.

We are here to serve you for all your emergency and pre-flight needs. At Same Day Laboratories, our operational model is focused on making it easy and seamless for passengers to get tested before traveling. Thus, be rest assured of our great experience and expertise in handling your medical testing and medical laboratory diagnostic needs, even in cases of emergency where a certificate is required promptly.

For your pre-flight medical testing needs, you can visit our testing facility in Entebbe just 10 minutes from the airport and get tested by experienced professionals, or you can schedule a home call service from our highly trained, experienced, skilled and professional staff and medical laboratory technicians.